Looking for some REAL books, is THE place, although Blackwells is also useful. In AUS, try Angus & Robinson.


Medline (Refman downloadable) stuff is at BioMedNet.

Australian Psych Journals & Acta are at Synergy.

J Clin Psych - one of the best.

Acta, Depression & Anxiety, Journal of Anxiety Disorders are at Ingenta.

AmJPsych, Archives, BJPsych are accessible with Graylands & JHC ID's. (pslibrary or pslibrary2 | graylands; | 87098; maynelib | libmayne).

Australian Webspirs Data.

WA Serials Catalogue.

Current Psychiatry Reports has excellent review articles

The Uni of Bristol host my mailserver, grants access to Ingenta via Athens and Elsevier journals via ScienceDirect.

JHC Access offers Synergy, Ebscohost, EbscoOnline.

Psychiatric services

... or see my compiled journals page (local use only)


Audiogalaxy is my favourite MP3 site.


I check the excellent TIMES Newspaper site daily, and should visit the BBC site more often.


Local Transperth bus routes are also available.

Check your British Airways Executive Club , Ansett (!) or Qantas points and fly away.


Commonwealth & NatWest look after my cash.

Palm IIIc

Pilotwarez is worth a look, especially for the password file.

Avantgo supply me with newspapers and journal extracts.

My Palm syncs with My Yahoo page.

Web Files

Yahoo Briefcase hosts some online files.